Saturday, October 8, 2011

Remote Desktop Functionality for Chrome Browsers

Time to jump ship guys, Chrome is the future.

The guys @Chromium, Chrome’s open source brother which targets developers, recently released a really nifty chrome extension that allows users to access other computers through a chrome browser and/or chromebook.

While still in beta, the extension already packs a punch and showcases the inherent power of web browsers and probably signs the death warrant for native apps. Access is through authentication codes between the connecting computers, the developers making sure that connection is fully secured. Knowing Google, this is probably true.

Chrome Remote Desktop BETA is cross-platform, meaning you can connect with any other computer, regardless of the operating system, with a chrome browser. Pretty cool huh? Just wait ‘till its out of beta and we’ll really get comfortable with the idea that the future of computing is in our browsers. Well, Chrome browsers to be specific.